Find a cool place to take a break--Puzhehei

created: 2013-07-31

Puzhehei is an ideal place for water entertainment and playing water fights. [Photo:]

The scorching weather in summer really forces people to somewhere cool to hang about. Located in the Qiubei County in the south-east of Yunnan, Puzhehei, with water area stretching for 20 km, therefore, is an ideal place for water entertainment and playing water fights. Combining the landscape of Guilin and beauty of Southern China, this scenic spot attracts tens of thousands of viewers to visit here every year.


When you come to Puzhehei, those enchanting natural sceneries will enter into your eyes and make you feel like being surrounded in the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and the crystal-clear river.


Puzhehei Lake is surrounded by mountain peaks and has Yi villages along its shoreline. Puzhehei means the lake with many fishes and shrimps in the language of the Yi people. The water of the lake is limpid and you can even see the bed of the lake. Rowing the boat on the lake, the tourists can see many fish and shrimps swimming in the water. There are also some flowers and grasses floating on the water. In the scenic spot there are 312 peaks standing independent from each other, 56 lakes which are clear and without any pollution, 83 all kinds of caves, a great many mus of water lilies which give off faint scents, and original folk customs.


One of the real pleasures of being on the lake is being able to have fresh barbecued fish, corn, tofu and other delicacies cooked in a neighboring boat for you. Some of the local dishes available on these floating restaurants include lotus seed porridge, chicken or rice wrapped in lotus leaves.


Travel Tips:

Ticket price: CNY200 per person


The temperature difference between day and night is large; remember to carry sunglasses, sun hats, sun blocking scream, raincoat, torch, coats and medicine against sunstroke.


Best time for tour: the best time for tour comes between May and September, especially June and July when the water lilies are in full bloom.


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