Beer festival on Jinshan Beach

created: 2013-07-01

Shanghai Daily, June 28, 2013

Blue sea, golden sand, girls in bikinis and live music - what more could you expect? There's also plenty of beer at the Shanghai Jinshan International Beer Festival starting tomorrow.

The eight-day-long beer party at Jinshan District City Beach will feature traditional beers from Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Some of the European breweries have operated for more than 300 years.

The weather is expected to be rainy for the next few days. Plenty of tents are set up along the beach.

Every night from 5 to 10pm, visitors can dance to music by European rock bands, gulp down beer and splash and in the water.

Admission for one day is 288 yuan (US$46.82) per person, including a liter of two kinds of German beer, a basket of German snack food and a container of Jinshan vegetable salad.

Visitors can buy a wide range of Bavarian food, including sausages, bacon and smoked pork shoulders.

The festival is close to Jinshan Seafood City, filled with eateries and seafood stalls where visitors can choose their own live fare and tell the cook how to prepare it. Authentic Jinshan dishes are the specialties.

Admission: 288 yuan.
Tickets: 6729-9555 or

How to get there: Take the G15 or S4 highways and get off at the Tingwei Road exit. Turn left on Tingwei Road and drive to the south to the beach. You can also take the Jinshan Railway to Jinshanwei station. Walk several minutes to the beach.
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