Cangshan Mountain in Shanxi Province

created: 2012-07-25

People's Daily Online, July 24, 2012
Cangshan Mountain, situated near Yu County of Shanxi province and to the west of Taihang Mountain, used to be called Yushan Mountain. "Cang" in Chinese means "to hide". It was renamed to Cangshan Mountain since this is the hiding place for Zhao's Orphan, whose legendary story is well known to all over the world.
Temples and pavilions have been built into the cliffs in a delicate style with rippling spring water and long-plated trees. The newly build "Spring and Autumn City" is designed following ancient theory of Eight Diagrams, combing with the local natural scenery. Over the centuries, a lot of people have come to visit this historical site and to experience the diverse scenery.

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