BEIJING CAPITAL AIRLINES CO., LTD Opens Flights from Haikou to Guilin to Jinan from July

created: 2012-06-20

VisitOurChina, June 20, 2012
BEIJING CAPITAL AIRLINES CO., LTD. (JD) is to open flights from Haikou, Hainan province to Guilin, Guangxi province to Jinan, Shandong province from July, with seven flights every week.
The time of flight is 13:30(Haikou) - 14:40(Guilin) - 15:20(Guilin) - 17:20(Jinan) - 18:05(Jinan) - 20:05(Guilin) - 20:55(Guilin) - 22:10(Haikou).

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