Hilton returns to Nanjing

created: 2009-02-03

After being away from the city for three years, the international hotel brand Hilton is now returning to Nanjing.

It is learned that Hilton has signed with Dalian Wanda Group to manage a five-star hotel at Wanda Square, which is being constructed by the Wanda Group in Nanjing. Featuring a total area of 50,000 square meters, the five-star hotel is said to provide about 360 rooms. It is expected to be open in about two years.

In January 2006, Hilton withdrew from Nanjing's hotel market and the 561 room hotel was renamed Grand Metro Park Hotel Nanjing. According to local media reports, Hilton left the city mainly because it had failed to reach its annual profit goals during its eight years in Nanjing.



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