China Joy Air Co., Ltd. to Opens Flights from Xi’an to Tianshui from June, 18th

created: 2012-06-18

VisitOurChina, June 18, 2012
China Joy Air Co., Ltd. is to open flights from Xi’an, Shaanxi province to Tianshui, Gansu province from June, 18th. The flight is scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with the aircraft type MA60. The flight number from Xi’an to Tianshui is JR1539, time of flight 15:00(Xi’an) - 16:25(Tianshui); the flight number from Tianshui to Xi’an is JR1540, time of flight 16:55(Tianshui) - 18:10(Xi’an).
The newly opened flight will play an important role in the economy and culture exchange between Gansu province and Shanxi province. China Joy Air Co., Ltd. has provided favorable tickets, the cheapest single ticket 100yuan.

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