Tibet Travel Permit Are Approved for Travel Group with Minimally 4 Members

created: 2012-05-08

May 8, 2012
According to the latest rule of the government, Tibet Travel Permits are only approved for travelers who included in a travel group with at least 4 persons.
Considering the local ethnic traditions, cultural relics and ecological environment, transportation conditions, as well as limited tour service and facilities in Tibet, regulations outlined that that all tourists without a Chinese ID card should apply for a Tibet Travel Permit before entering. Independent tour is not allowed in Tibet and foreign travelers traveling in Tibet should join in an organized travel group or have the tour arranged by authorized local travel agency.
Previously, there is no provision referring to the number of the people in a travel group; however, the updated rules expressly stated the minimally members of a travel group. In other words, from now on, people will not get issued Tibet Travel Permit if the group they joined in has members under 4.

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