Hachette Convertibles Fleet Converge at Ordos

created: 2011-09-09

China.org.cn, September 7, 2011  
After a successful event in Shanxi last year, the Hachette Convertibles Fleet again gathered top brand cars and their owners in China to visit Ordos in Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Sept. 4. The event coincides with the 3rd China Xinghe Bay Conference which also taking place in Ordos.
More than 30 car owners from Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan brought with them their treasured vehicles that include such brands as Ferrari, Porsche, Spyker convertible, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ford. The five-day tour included sightseeing and visiting model businesses for participants to learn both the culture heritages and economic growths of the region. The successful individuals said they believed that "the modern gentleman is not a mere product of wealth and trends, they also inherent the culture, history and traditional customs of their homeland.”
In the evening, the group enjoyed music performed by United Nations Development Program's goodwill ambassador Zhu Zheqin. At the reception, the magazine Elle Men Rui Shi also declared a new partnership with The World Sees – a charity program aimed to protect and help develop ethnic cultures in China.

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