Business Travelers Flock to Sheraton Ningbo

created: 2011-06-15

China Daily, June 14, 2011
Blessed with a reputable location in Ningbo, one of the most-visited economic hubs in East China's Zhejiang province, Sheraton Ningbo Hotel has been drawing business travelers since it opened in 2006. Located in the central business district, the hotel is part of Portman Plaza.
Standing in its spacious lobby, general manager Wilson Lum says he has observed the growing popularity of Ningbo as a business destination.
"I have always been a city boy and had seldom worked in a second-tier city before coming to Ningbo," Lum says.
This coastal city, he says, offers a relaxing atmosphere for residents and visitors.
"Although the city is thriving and developing rapidly, it is still relaxed - you can tell from the fact that there is rarely any traffic congestion here," he says.
That same relaxed feel is also evident in the hotel. To ensure business travelers have all the conveniences and comforts they want, the hotel strives to exceed guests' expectations, Lum says.
The hotel is now linked to Shanghai with a three-hour coach service. The 8 million yuan ($1.24 million) pumped into the three luxury coaches operating between Shanghai and Ningbo has proved to be a smart investment, as guests speak highly of this service. The transportation is supplemented by a fleet of two Rolls-Royce Phantoms for VIP guests.
The customer preferences tracking system is another example of Sheraton Ningbo Hotel's cutting-edge service culture. Guests' preferences in pillows, location of rooms, whether they are left-handed or right-handed, their favorite cuisines and seating arrangements at restaurants are all faithfully recorded and referenced to.
"That's why people feel at home in our hotel - we remember every detail as clearly as a family member would, if not better," he says.
Guests opting for the hotel's club floor rooms and suites also get exclusive access to the Sheraton Club Lounge.
The hotel's family-friendly facilities endear it to both children and parents. A special draw is the kids' corner for Easter Sunday Brunch, Lum says.
For Lum, good service means anticipating and exceeding guests' expectations, a concept that is shared by his staff.
"We never say no, and we always think about how we can help.” he says.

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