Fuzhou Plans 18 Yacht Wharves

created: 2011-05-27

The master plan for the development of the Fuzhou yachting industry has been officially published; with the city’s target for major developments in the management of the yachting industry, yacht manufacturing, yacht wharves and clubs, and yachting as a sport.
Fuzhou has a long history of boat manufacturing, with and currently has two yacht building companies. According to the master plan, Fuzhou will develop a yacht manufacturing industry that takes advantage of its long history. The Yacht Industrial Park will create the Manufactured in Fuzhou brand, and companies in the park will concentrate on the manufacturing of luxury yachts of over 40 feet. This is expected to attract Taiwanese and foreign yacht building companies to settle in the park.
Most of the 18 yacht wharves will be located at Minjiang, Langqi Island, Meihua Bay, Luoyuan Bay, Xinhua Bay, and Huangqi Peninsula.
To go along with the development of yacht industry, Fuzhou will plan at least five zones, including Fuzhou downtown wharf-Langqi Island-Luoyuan Bay, Fuzhou downtown wharf-Langqi Island-Sanduao, Fuzhou downtown wharf-Langqi Island-Changle Xiasha-Dongluo Island, Fuzhou downtown wharf-Langqi Island-Haitan Bay, and Fuzhou downtown wharf-Langqi Island-Muyu Island-Xiaomai Island.

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