United Airlines Continues To Expand Chinese Market

created: 2011-02-16

With its merger with Continental Airlines, United Airlines recently announced in New York that the newly merged airline will continue to expand in the Chinese market in 2011.
James Mueller, the vice president of Pacific at United Airlines, said at a press conference that following the merger the new airline will enhance its cooperation with Air China to continue to expand in the Chinese market. As China is becoming a popular destination for more and more American tourists, the airlines will launch new services to China at the right time.
Starting from May 20, 2011, United Airlines will introduce a new route between Los Angeles and Shanghai. Kay Ikawa the sales director of United Airlines said the airline has chosen the special day because it is the assonance of the Chinese for "I love you".
United Airlines and Continental Airlines finished their merger in October 2010, forming the largest airline in the world. Headquartered in Chicago, the new airline will offer 5,800 flights each day. There are currently seven direct routes operated by United Airlines between China and the USA.

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