Beijing Ups Tourism Investment to Over CNY1 Billion A Year

created: 2011-01-28

According to Ding Xiangyang, the vice mayor of Beijing, the Beijing municipal government is scheduling to invest more than CNY1 billion into the capital's tourism sector per year, starting in 2011.
Ding said that the Beijing Tourism Development Committee will be established to coordinate the development of the city's tourism sector, and the committee and Beijing Tourism Bureau will have separate remits.
In addition, the municipal government will launch a special fund to offer stronger support for the city's tourism sector. So far, the city has raised funds for a total of 767 tourism projects, with an investment of CNY27.32 billion.
According to Ding, Beijing is aiming to generate more than USD10 billion in inbound tourism revenue, and will receive 10 million inbound tourists and 200 million domestic tourists. In the meantime, the tourism sector's industrial added-value is expected to account for more than 10% of the city's GDP.
In 2010, total visitor arrivals of Beijing rose 10.3% year on year to a record 184 million, and its tourism revenue rose 13.3% year on year to a record CNY27.68 billion.

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