Boutique Hotel Pravo Set to Open in Shanghai

created: 2010-11-11

On December 8, 2010 Hotel Pravo, a new boutique hotel, is scheduled to open on the North Bund in Shanghai.
The classical Art Deco style hotel is the creation of Steven Wang, who is also the CEO of Brilliant & Consulting Group.
According to Wang every feature of the hotel, from the scents on the air to the gentle sounds in the background has been designed to make guests feel welcome. He adds that Hotel Pravo is a place where every guest is a treasured friend to be welcomed and wrapped in personal care and attention.
Room numbers have been kept low, with only 86 suites available, and attention to the comfortable details kept high, with Wang personally overseeing all aspects of the guests' experience and the staff outnumbering guests four to one.
In the hotel's Mare Western restaurant, diners are seated around nautically-styled central food station, while the Yu Yuan Chinese offers traditional Northern Chinese cuisine served with a choice of fine Chinese teas, an act as a showcase for Xia Xiaowan's artwork "Mountain Gully". Hotel Pravo's C Art Lobby Lounge has live chamber music, offers snacks, and a selection of beverages, and exhibits Xia Xiaowan's "Peach Blossom Matrix." Lounge 299 offers more than 200 wines, various beers and spirits, as well as cocktails and a selection of fine cigars.
Brilliant & Consulting is a professional hospitality and F&B management consultation company headquartered in Shanghai. The Group owns and operates hospitality brands including Hotel Pravo, Yahsin Business hotel, Bowya Coffee and Family Li Imperial Cuisine.

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