Nagqu Weather

Located in the northern Tibetan plateau, Nagqu falls into the typical sub frigid zone. In the cold area deficient in oxygen, it is windy from time to time, the air is dry and the temperature difference is large. The annual temperature on average is from -0.9℃ to -3.3℃. With regard to annual precipitation, it ranges from 100 to 200 millimetres. And the sunshine duration is over 2,800 hours annually. Every year from November to March of next year, wind and sand often hit the area; once snowing, snow disaster is easy to occur.

The best time to visit Nagqu, therefore, is from May to September, which are often considered the golden days of Nagqu, when the climate is mild and relatively warm, and the rainfall accounts for 80% of the whole year. Verdant plants are also visible during these months.