Lhokha Weather

Falling into plateau temperate subhumid climate zone, Lhokha is dry and severely cold in the west, while it is warm and moist in the southeast and area surrounding Yalu Zangbu River. The sunshine duration lasts between 2,600 to 3,300 hours. And the average annual temperature ranges from -0.6℃ to 8.8℃. The highest temperature ranges from 18℃ to 32℃, while the lowest temperature ranges from -37℃ to -16℃. With regard to annual precipitation, it is about 268 to 492 millimetres. Wind usually hits the area from December to March of next year.

Generally speaking, it is cool in Lhokha, but the temperature varies greatly between day and night, with the biggest differences being more than 20℃. So the best time to visit this area is from June to August, when the temperature is around 20℃.