Lhokha Cuisine

Food in Lhokha is much similar to that of any other places in Tibet, mainly featuring Tibetan food and Sichuan cuisine. Layouts of Tibetan restaurants, whether simple or deluxe, display strong ethnic characteristics. There are a variety of Tibetan food within reach, including air dried meat, barley wine, buttered wine, zanba and yoghourt. Apart from Tibetan restaurants, Sichuan restaurants are also here and there.

Yoghourt (酸奶)

Yoghourt in Tibet is semi-solid food made from milk after fermenting. As it is food after ferment process, it is rich in nutrition and easy to digest.

Zanba (糌粑)

Zanba is the unique staple of Tibetans, made of barley or pea flour. It can be tried couple with buttered wine, barley wine or yoghourt.

Barley wine (青稞酒)

One is visiting Tibet unless he is drinking barley wine. Barley wine is such a favourite wine among Tibetans that it is a must when it comes to any festivals, weddings, birth of children, entertaining friends. Not only does it look pure, but also has a strong lingering flavor.

Air dried meat (风干肉)

Air dried mutton and beef enjoy great popularity among the Tibetans. They are usually made by the end of each November, when the temperature is below zero. Bunched in small pieces in shade places, they are edible directly or after roasting during March of next year.

Buttered wine (酥油茶)

As the daily drinking of Tibetans, buttered wine can help get rid of coldness in mind-numbing winter, make you comfortable when having greasy food, and keep you sober when feeling fatigue or sleepy. Rich in vitamins, buttered wine can alleviate harm to your body due to inaccessibility to vegetables in plateau.