Samye Monastery

Location: Close to the Habu Mountain, Samye Town, North Bank of Yarlung Zangbo River, Lhokha.
Opening time: 08:00 - 18:00.
Admission: 40RMB.
Samye Temple has a long history of over one thousand years. Surrounded by rivers and dense forest, it is the oldest temple among the many Tibet historic relics, and also the grandest architecture in ancient Tibetan time. It collects rich heritages of Tibetan history, religion, architecture, painting, sculpture and etc. It is one of the most ancient cultural museums about the very special Tibetan culture. 
History: Built in 8th century AD, Samye Temple is the first temple that has the whole three Buddha-dharma-sangha in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. 
Buildings in the temple: Golden Hall is the main building of Samye Temple; Wuzi Grand Hall is the central main building; White Pagoda, Red Pagoda, Green Pagoda are some of the very exquisite architectures of the temple.
How to get there: You need to take a car from Lhasa or Tsetang and get to the Samye Ferry, then take a boat crossing the river. You’d better hire a private car.
Best time to visit Samye temple: June - August. It has a warm climate. Most time of the year is comfortable for visitors.
Accommodation: You can choose to live in the hotel inside the temple.

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