Leshan Cuisine

Leshan food is similar to that of any other places of Sichuan province, which is renowned for its hot and spicy flavor. Various sorts of local snacks and dishes can be found in this city, but deluxe restaurants are not here and there. Snacks of Leshan have enjoyed such a good reputation for a long time that most of Chengdu snacks are derived from them, such as boneless chickens with heavy seasoning, Xiba tofu, Niuhua Malatang, beancurd jelly and so forth.

Leshan Sweet Skin Duck (乐山甜皮鸭)
As the famous delicacy in Leshan, the food is also called ducks in brine. At the sight of this ruddy duck, you will absolutely try it immediately. It does not smell sweet but also tastes tender and crispy.

Xiba Tofu (西坝豆腐)
Twenty plus kilometers away from Leshan stands an ancient town – Xiba Town, where the locals have been keeping the habit of eating tofu since Wanli Period of Ming dynasty. The limpid brook in Xiba town is the natural ingredient to make tofu. Xiba tofu enjoys such a long history that it can date back to documents four hundred years ago.

Qiaojiao Beef (跷脚牛肉)
To make it simple, Qiaojiao beef is beef offals. Restaurants selling this food are scattered around the city. The moment you boil beef, belly, ox tongue, intestines and any other offals, you can taste it at once.

Stewed Chicken in Brown Sauce (黄焖鸡)
The must-eat hotpot is stewed chicken in brown sauce as long as you visit Leshan. Stew the chicken, agarics, konjak, and vegetables in the autoclave for some twenty minutes before pouring them all into the hotpot. Then, add some corianders, and you will find the sweet-smelling and spicy dish is just before your eyes!

Minjiang River Fish Hotpot (岷江特色鱼火锅)
Tasting similar to cold pot fish, this dish is special if you try it on the boat by the riverside. Seated yourself in the well-ornamented boat, you can try this food while enjoying the charming scenery.

Recommended Food Street:
Zhanggong Bridge food street (张公桥美食街) – located on the Zhanggong Bridge Street. It can be deemed as one of the most popular night market where most sorts of dainties can be found. Hotpot restaurants, teahouse, malatang, almost all snacks are available here. You can take No. 3, 6, 9 buses to reach the food street.
Jiaxing Road Food Street (嘉兴路美食街) – located on the Jiaxing Road, next to Leshan Square. It is a newly developed food street, where restaurants are here and there, most of which are offering special hotpots. You can take No. 3, 6, 7 buses to get here.
Jiadingfang Food Street (嘉定坊美食街) – located in the Leshan scenic area. Every year when it comes to the fifteenth day of lunar January, the street will see streams of people moving from one stall to another. In a large degree, it is a feast to the mouth! You can take No. 13 bus to reach the food street.