Kucha Cuisine

The famous local flavor snack of Kucha is Nang, here the Nang is made into different kinds with diversified dainty flavors; there are big Nang, small Nang, thin Nang, Nang stuffed with meat, with sesame…and so forth.

Roast snacks with hot and spicy flavors are also popular in Kucha, roast shish kebab, Samsa (roast steamed stuffed bun), roast fish, roast snakehead fish, roast chicken intestine, roast chicken liver, roast thin sheets of bean curd, roast dried bean curd, and so on.

Apart from flavored snacks, the little white apricot of Kucha has long enjoyed a good reputation which looks pretty and tastes sweet. Its preserved apricot also sells well both at home and abroad.