Jiuzhaigou Weather

Seated on the transitional zone from northern subtropical humid region to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau humid region, and protected by Longmen Mountain in the southeast and Qinling mountain range in the north, Jiuzhaigou enjoys a moderate monsoon climate with appropriate rainfall, cold and dry weather, and distinctive drought and rainy seasons. The annual average temperature is 7.3 ℃, the highest temperature is in July with 16.8 ℃, and the lowest in January with -3.7 ℃. Rainy season focus on summer from May to September and snow season lasts from late October to April next year. It is only two seasons in Jiuzhaigou, the summer and the winter. Summer provides plenty of showers, hails and gale, while the winter is long and cold. Due to its special location on highland, the sunlight is sufficient and ultraviolet rays are quite strong.

The best time to travel to Jiuzhaigou falls in September and October with colorful leaves and waters as well as pleasant weather. Temperature variations are very large practically between day and night, and the largest temperature difference in some areas even reaches 36℃. Often, people feels like in spring or autumn in dawn and dusk, in hot summer only wear T-shirt at noon while in severe winter at night covered with thick quilt.