Jiuzhaigou Cuisine

In Jiuzhaigou, apart from amazing scenic beauties, there are also intoxicating wines. Beef and mutton are main food of local Tibetans and Qiang people, though each use different cooking ways. Tibetans are fond of smoked meat and enjoy with Qingke wine (Tibet barley wine), buttered tea and yoghourt, while Qiang people prefer meat cooked in sour and hot flavors and animal giblets. Other local Han people live in Jiuzhaigou eat food in Sichuan styles.

As most supplies and materials are transported into the valley from outside, the dish prices are very high in general. And most dishes are ethnic flavors in Tibet style, such as Fried Potato and Zanba (roasted Qingke barley flour), dried persimmon, buckwheat pancake, Jiuzhai sauerkraut noodles, roast whole lamb, hands grilled beef steak, etc.

Fried Ruyi Dish (素烧如意)
Ruyi, the fern, is so called due to its green and lanky shape which is similar to that of Ruyi Jade of ancient China. It is a healthy food crowned as "The King of Mountain Vegetables".

Ya Tea (雅茶)
Ya Tea are made of branches and large leaves of tea trees. It got its name from its producing area Ya'an. Tibetans take meat as the principal food, but eat few vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the vitamins that are short of in meat are completely complemented by Ya Tea, which is also the main ingredient in Tibet buttered tea. The strong flavor of Ya Tea just can keep down the cowy smells of fresh milk.

Potato Cake (洋芋糍巴)
It is the most characteristic snack in Jiuzhaigou. Smash the steamed potatoes to viscous pieces, beat them to cake shape, and then steam the cakes, and after add into Tibetan sauerkraut and pepper when enjoy.

Buckwheat Food (荞麦面食)
Buckwheat is a main food in the area. Pulverize buckwheat into powders and then make into kinds of food, such as steamed buns and noodles.