Hotan in brief

Situated in the north of Kunlun Mountain and south of Taklamakan Desert, Hotan city is the political, economic, cultural and transportation centre of Hotan area with a total area of 466 square kilometers. Hotan is a Uygur-oriented multi-ethnic city where 19 nationalities (Uygur, Han, Hui, Kazak nationality, etc) live together. Hetian has been known as capital of Jade and Hometown of Carpet for long from ancient times. Jade, carpet and silk are recognized as the three treasures of Hotan in the past while Uygur medicine, herba cistanches and donkey-hide gelatin has become the three treasures of Hotan now. The Hotan jade can be classified into four types according to its color: white jade, gray jade, black jade and yellow jade.


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The weather of Hotan is dry, dusty and windy and the river discharges differ with the season. Steamed stuffed buns are everywhere in Xinjiang but most famous in Hotan. Besides, wet walnuts, roast whole lamb, mutton shashlik, tender corn meal are also renowned Hotan cuisines.