Hangzhou Weather

Hangzhou belongs to subtropical monsoon climate with sufficient sunlight, plentiful rainfall and four distinct seasons. As a whole, Hangzhou is warm and moist. The annual average temperature is 16.2 Celsius degree, the average relative humidity is 70.3%, the annual precipitation is 1454mm and the annual sunshine duration is 1765 hours.

To taste the beauty of Hangzhou, it is at any time with any weather because the West Lake is just an amazing magician which can present very different sceneries in four seasons with varied weather no matter in sunny days, rainy days or snow days. In general, spring (March, April and May) is the most existing time to visit Hangzhou with clear weather, nice and warm breeze and flowers in full bloom. In summer from June to August, it is the rainy season with relatively high temperature; but it is the time to enjoy dreamy misty West Lake and its surrounding pavilions, terraces and towers or boat through the pure and refreshing lotus. The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp; it is no doubt the best timing for leisure and admiring the moon. And in winter, the snow-decorated lake and the dazzling wintersweet with strong contrast can create a totally different charming view.