Guiyang Weather

Guiyang enjoys a humid and mild subtropical climate. The annual temperature on average is 15.3℃, the maximum temperature of the year reaches 35.1℃, and the minimum temperature is -7.3℃.In summer, the average temperature is 23.2℃ and the rainfall is sufficient. To some extent, severe winter never hits the city, with temperature of the coldest month being 4.6℃ on average. The shelterbelt forest of Guiyang city is abundant in negative oxygen ion, thus being called natural oxygen bar and hailed as the capital of summer resort in China.

Since the air is pure, haze-free, and fresh, and sandstorms never hit the city, people in Guiyang feel extremely proud of their mild weather, which can be illustrated in the saying, "while there is Paradise above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below, Guiyang weather is the most agreeable." So for travelers, they can visit the city at any time of the year, but the best time may be March and April when many a Miao ethnic minority festival is observed.