Fuzhou Weather

With an advantageous geographic environment in the southeast border of Eurasia and faces East China Sea, Fuzhou falls within the warm and humid subtropical monsoon climate, featuring short winters and long summers. The climate is pleasant and comfortable with 326 frost free days and the annual average temperature is 19℃. The annual average sunshine hours is 1700~1980 hours; the annual average volume of rainfalls is 900~2100mm. The dominate wind is mainly northeasterly and in summer the wind is southerly. The hottest months are from July to September, which is also a typhoon season in Fuzhou, during which time the typhoon would land on the city twice a year on average.

The best time for traveling in Fuzhou is autumn and winter, as the climate is quite agreeable with clear sky, and the beauty of the city characterized by bright sunshine, evergreen trees and attractive hot springs.