Fenghuang Weather

Fenghuang belongs to middle subtropical mountainous monsoon humid climate. With an average temperature of 16 Celsius degree, it has a pleasant weather in all four distinct seasons. In spring, the weather is quite fine with a temperature of about 20 Celsius degree. The plants turn to green and the beautiful Tuojiang River is often under the mist and fog in the early morning. In autumn, the temperature decrease to cool from the hot summer and at the same time, all tasty wild fruits are ripe and sold in the streets. In winter, if it snows, the whitening Fenghuang is of great charming. 

Fenghuang is a place that suitable for travel in all seasons. But if have to choose a best time, maybe it falls from July to September with celebrated ethnic festivals of Miao people, the Songs Festival on the sixth day of lunar June and the Autumn Festival on the 13th Chinese solar term, Liqiu, which means the beginning of the autumn and falls generally on August 8th or 9th. Usually, from March to November is the tourism high season with streams of people.