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  • Booking Code: VOC-20100323-C
  • Client’s Information: Pauline Richards, USA
  • Tour Starting Date: Tuesday, 23 March 2010
  • Tour Destination: Beijing

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Comment on our service from Pauline Richards, USA
Many thanks to you Sissi for setting up our tour. A big thank you to Mr Bi and his careful driving and most especially to Kattie for her part in making this a trip we will remember for many years. Thank you.

Sissi – I lost your email requesting an evaluation of our guide and driver, March 23 to 26 in Beijing.  When you receive this email will you please reply that you received.  Thank you.

We arrived back at my home Monday morning, April 5, 2010, exhausted but very glad we had the experience of visiting China.  Our time in China was enhanced by the skilled abilities of Kattie, our guide, and Mr Bi, our driver.

Mr Bi. our driver,  was at all times a very careful and safe driver as he maneuvered the crowded streets.  He was prompt – appearing at our pick-up points exactly as we would emerge from a temple or site.  His car was well kept and clean.  He was professional at all times.

Words cannot express our appreciation for Kattie, our tour guide.  It was easy to understand her very good English. The airline board stated our arrival at Gate 11 however our bus that took us from the plane to the terminal took us to Gate 5  (the other buses apparently went to Gate 11).  I phoned Kattie and she met us within a couple of minutes. She was so very apologetic when she rushed to our arrival gate.   This mix-up was due to the airlines.

On the way from the airport to our Hotel she reviewed our contact and asked if we had questions or needed clarification.  All was as we had understood.  At the hotel she checked us in and accompanied us along with the Bellboy to our room.  We discovered it was a room with NO window – which was unacceptable.  Kattie returned to the desk and assisted in getting us another room with a window.  The hotel said it was a smoking room however I could not detect smoking in our room or the hallways.  We greatly appreciated Kattie making this change for us.

As we toured Kattie answered many of our questions – and I had many.  She was always patient when I had difficulty understanding something about a Dynasty.    I know she repeated things because it was difficult for me to remember with everything being new and receiving so much information in a few days.  A very patient person.  She was very knowledgeable about all the sites we visited.  My daughter has a handicap and Kattie was always ready with a helping hand when needed to step over the many thresholds and walking down steps. When we needed toilet stops, to my surprise, we were always taken to very clean ones – except at the Great Wall where it was the only thing available.   She apologized for it .

Without my asking she confirmed my return flight, entered the terminal with us and printed our boarding passes, and took us to the security point to make certain we knew our flight and boarding gate.   She could go no  farther.

Kattie’s appearance and dress were neat, clean, and appropriate. With her  very charming delightful and warm personality she made us feel comfortable – as if we had known her for many years.   We had fun with two words – my helping her with “bell” and she helping me with “yuan”.  She was a more successful learner than I.  It was fun.

My suggestions for improvement would be to have Kattie eat all  the meals with us.  She did the ordering and explained the food upon its arrival at our table and then left to take  her food in another place.  I would like to have had her remain with us.  Discussion about the foods while eating would have added to our learning of China.  Also I if I had received the information sooner regarding tips I would have been better prepared.

The “hot pot” (or whatever it is called) lunch on Wednesday was a very good experience.  We enjoyed very much.  All of the meals were good.  We tasted everything – even though there were some foods we did not eat.  There was always plenty of food and it was very tasty.

Many thanks to you Sissi for setting up our tour.  A big thank you to Mr Bi and his careful driving and most especially to Kattie for her part in making this a trip we will remember for many years.  Thank you.

Pauline Richards
Deborah Richards