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Your Position: Home China Tour TestimonialsPaul Szyl, Poland
  • Booking Code: VOC-20111118-S
  • Client’s Information: Paul Szyl, Poland
  • Tour Starting Date: Friday, 18 November 2011
  • Tour Destination: Guilin, Yangshuo
Comment on our service from Paul Szyl, Poland
We were very happy with the tour you arranged for us.

HI Sandy,

I am sorry it took so long but it’s been a crazy busy time. Now is middle of the night in Poland and I have still some jetlag so can send you email; we were very happy with the tour you arranged for us. I travel in China a lot so normally I never want to go holidays in China but this time we did it and I am very happy.

No complains. A tour is always a tour so sometimes you feel you a part of the big arrangement which make sit a little less exciting but this time all was ok, thanks.



Attached I am sending few photos from our trip.

If you need anything else please contact me,

Have a good day