Diqing(Shangri-La) Weather

Diqing has an annual average temperature ranging from 4.7℃ to 16.5℃ with the lowest temperature being -27°C to -40°C. Located in the south tip of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Diqing enjoys abundant sunshine and strong radiation. Rising 3300 meters above sea leavel, Diqing has a humid plateau climate which features distinct four seasons, big temperature difference between day and night and strong wind. In spring, especially early spring, temperature of Diqing fluctuates between 5℃ and 20℃. Summer is the hottest season when temperature fluctuates between 15℃ and 30℃. Scenery of Diqing is at its best in autumn with temperature ranging from 5℃ to 30℃. Winter is the coldest season with the lowest temperature reaches minus 20℃. 

The best time to visit Diqing is from May to July and from September to October. May and June is the time to see sea of azaleas, yaks, and mountain meadow under vast blue sky. July is the best time to visit Tiger-Leaping Gorge. September and October is the time to see Stellera chamaejasme (a poisonous plant species with beautiful flowers) and autumn scenery. Whenever you go to Diqing, you should bring cold-proof coat.