Datong Weather

Falling into the temperate continental monsoon climate, Datong has distinct and endearing four seasons. In the spring, the average temperature ranges from 6.5℃ to 9.1℃. In this windy season, it does not rain much. While in summer, the temperature on average is 19℃ to 21.8℃. Rains are frequently seen, so the weather is cool and refreshing and visitors are likely to visit this summer resort. When autumn comes, the temperature often declines, with average temperature being 5.8℃ to 8.4℃. Touring under the high asure sky usually makes you comfortable. Compared with the former seasons, winter seems longer which lasts four months. The temperature on average ranges from -12.8℃ to 6.3℃. People tend to feel coldest in January, when the city as a whole looks silver-cladded.

The best time to visit Datong is from April to October. The most distinct feature of the weather of this city is that the temperature varies greatly between day and night. So if you decide to tour around Datong, do not forget to take one more clothes in case of cold.