Dalian Cuisine

Dalian people are descendants of Shangdong People, for this reason the Dalian cuisine is a branch of Shandong Cuisine Department. As a coast city, Dalian is abounds in aquatic products, such as fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, alga, and the like. With the seafood being the main dishes, the delicacy of Dalian holds it own features. Besides, Dalian people are fond of barbecue with the material of seafood, and the barbecue restaurants are always busy in the evening and will do the business till midnight.

The barbecue street in the front of the square of the Dalian Train Station is quite famous; featured snacks and popular restaurants among locals are mainly found in the business district not far from the train station, like the underground of the Victory Square, Bayi Road, Hundred-old Shopping Mall, etc.

Dalian Shrimp Paste
Dalian shrimp paste is the perfect match with the green Chinese onion and salted fish pancake (a local snack). Each restaurant has its respective secret recipe for making shrimp paste; though slightly different with each other, Dalian shrimp paste are just delicious. 

Colorful Snowflake Scallops (五彩雪花扇贝)
Major ingredients are scallops and egg white, other ingredients include green soya beans, green onion, cooking wine, soy and MSG. The egg white is made to be snowflake-shape to embrace the scallops, and seasonal greens, carrot and hot pepper are the decorations around. The colorful dish tastes light and tender, refreshing and delicate.

Roast Full Prawns (红烤全虾)
Stir-fry the full prawns without peel off the skin with ginger, green onion, Shaoxing rice wine, white sugar and salt and then roast with slow fire.

Quick-fry Conches (油爆海螺)
It is the quick-fried sliced conch meat with green Chinese onion, garlic, salt, MSG, cooking wine, green starch, vinegar, and oil.