Chengde Transportation

By Train

Chengde railway station is located in the southeastern part of Chengde city. Three railways of Beijing-Chengde, Jinzhou-Chengde, Chengde-Longhua have a junction on the Chengde stop. Through trains of Beijing-Dandong, and Beijing-Wulanhaote also pass through Chengde. Generally, people reach chengde via Beijing, because Beijing is only 230 kilometres away from chengde. No. 1, 2, 5, 7, 11, 15 buses can take you to the railway station of chengde.

By Bus

Highways of chengde can lead travelers to Inner Mongolia in the north, Liaoning in the east, Beijing in the southwest, and Tianjin in the southeast. And it takes about five hours to reach from Beijing to chengde. Now, expresses bound for Beijing and Shijiazhuang are available in chengde long-distance bus station. In the peak travel season, non-stop shuttle buses from Beijing and Tianjin to chengde are available.

Chengde bus passenger bus station (Dong bus station) – the telephone number is 0314-2123588. No. 1 bus is available.

Chengde bus station (Bei bus station) – the telephone number is 0314-2161904. No. 11, 19, 10 buses are available.

Chengde passenger station (Xi bus station) – the telephone number is 0341-2273748. No. 2, 5, 15, 25, 35, 19, 1 buses are available.

City Transportation

Bus – buses in chengde run frequently and bus routes are also many. You can take bus to almost all scenic spots of the city.

Taxi – the starting price is 7 yuan for 2 kilometres, after 2 kilometres, additional 1.4 yuan for one kilometer. From 23:00 to 05:30, additional 0.2 yuan for one kilometer, after 8 kilometres, additional 0.3 yuan for one kilometers. Plus, five minutes’ waiting amounts to one kilomtre. 50% of total taxi fare will be additionally charged as the non-occupancy surcharge if the taximeter reading exceeds 5km. And before you get off the taxi, you have to pay one more yuan as fuel charge.