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Wudangzhao Lamasery


Wudangzhao Lamasery,Baotou Tours,Inner Mongolia Tours,China Tours


The Wudangzhao Lamasery is the largest and most well-reserved Tibetan lamasery in Inner-Mongolia. It belongs to the group of the three grand lamaseries in China together with the Potala Palace in Tibet and the Kumbum Monastery in Qihai. In Mongolian "Wudang" means "willow", the temple is situates right amidst the willow-shaded area and that is why it was named "Wudangzhao".

Wudangzhao Lamasery,Baotou Tours,Inner Mongolia Tours,China Tours

The Wudangzhou Lamasery is copied directly from the great Tashilhunpo Monastery in Tibet. The floor plan includes six halls and extensive bronze works and large statues of Buddhist icons, impressing monks from all over China.


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