Altay Transportation

By Air

Altay Airport is about 10 kilometers southwest away from the downtown area. At present, it only has regular flight to the provincial capital Urumqi.

By Rail

Since the first train was opened on Feb.2nd, 1992, from Urumqi to Alataw Pass, which goes through the 460-kilometer-long Northern Xinjiang Railway and by way of 37 train stations (Altay Train Station is one of them), each day, two trains run from opposite directions between Urumqi and Alataw Pass, and the international train between China and Kazakhstan run twice each week from each country.

By Road

The long-distance bus station of Altay is located in No.16, Tuanjie Road. It has daily coaches to capital Urumqi as well as to surrounding counties. Moreover, sleeper coaches to Burqin and Urumqi are also available departing in the evening and arrive at the destinations in the morning the next day.

City Transportation

To travel in Altay, the only transportation can be choose is to charter a minibus or jeep.