Aksu Cuisine

The food of Aksu region is diversified: running flocks and herds, fresh vegetables on the plain, fragrant fruits and swimming fishes in rivers and lakes can all be the delicacy in Aksu.

The food of Aksu is mainly halal food (food made in accordance with the habit of the Islam). The breakfast and dinner are simpler: Milk tea, Naan (a kind of crusty pancake) or Noodles; but the lunch is big with local flavors of Uygur people: Nang Keng Rou (Naan with pasty meat), Xinjiang Rice (ate with the right hand), Stretched Noodle, Steamed Bread, Wonton, Steamed Twisted Roll, Mutton, Beef, etc. And it is a pleasure for a family to enjoy the delicacy together happily.

The restaurants of Aksu area are also mainly hatal restaurants. Besides, other delicacies can also be found in Aksu, including Shandong Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine.