Zhuhai Weather

As its cuisine, Zhuhai has a weather that is uniquely its own. There is no obvious differences in its four seasons. So, travelers can come to Zhuhai all the year around. It seems that Zhuhai got no spring and fall because trees and grasses are always green. But winter here feels no cold with 14 degrees minimum temperature, and it is not hot in summer with cool ocean breeze softly or strongly blowing over the city. Most of the year, Zhuhai wears sunny smile. Rain comes in the evening or brought by typhoon, which may happen in summer but are not terrible at all and never cause deaths or damages. In brief, you are always welcome to visit Zhuhai and you will never be stopped or disturbed by the weather. Zhuhai is a comfortable city with a lovely climate, even some diseases like rhinitis vanished after several days visitation here.