Zhuhai Cuisine

Zhuhai has a cuisine that is uniquely its own. "Seaside house, Seashore entertainment, Seafood" -- what the Zhuhai people describe their life drives me crazily envious. Their life is closely connected to the sea, especially their cuisine. With so many distinctive sidewalk snack booths, restaurants, tea houses, coffee shop and vacation villages, it is quite cheap and fresh to enjoy seafood here, like oyster, prawn, urchin and etc.

You can also taste the famous Guangdong Cuisine (or Yue Cuisine) in Zhuhai. Yue Cuisine is famous for delicate cooking skill requirements. Certainly, except seafood, you can find many other dishes from all around the world because Zhuhai is a city of immigration. People from many countries gathered around and settled down here. Drinking beer while enjoy seafood in soft sea breeze-- these are what make your visit to Zhuhai unforgettable. Below are some information we recommend about famous Zhuhai dishes and restaurants.