Top Ten Dishes of Zhuhai Cuisine

Top ten dishes of Zhuhai in no particular order

Yu Ge Chang Wan (cooked out of mantis shrimps in particular methods)

Description: Specialty of Zhuhai Vacation Village. This dish requires elaborate procedures: firstly, remove the hard shells in the back of mantis shrimps, then cut open in the center and add in some special sauce and a thick layer of fried bean vermicelli, and fry it until it’s golden. At last decorate it with flour-made net and sculpture, which makes the dish attractive as both cuisine and culture.

Address: No. 9, East Shihua Road, Jida.

Jin Qiu Piao Xiang (cooked out of the famous Zhuhai prawn by steam and fry)

Description: Famous Yue Cuisine. Specialty of Yijingwan Hotel. Duixia (a kind of prawn) as its main ingredient can be made into various snacks and dishes).

Address: No. 47 of Center Lovers’ Road, Jida (right opposite to the Bathing Beach).

Lang Man Hao Qing (cooked out of oysters)

Description: Specialty of Deyuelou Catering Ltd. Ranked as the No. 1 of the Top ten dishes of Zhuhai. Cookers select the Hengqin Guifei Oyster (one of the four famous cates of Zhuhai) as main ingredient which makes the dish flamboyance, tasteful, nutritive and restorative.

Address: Beside the gate of Bailiandong Park, Center Jiuzhoudadao Road, Zhuhai City.

Xiang Ge Yu (cooked out of Pigeon Fish)

Description: Specialty of Yili Hotel. Pigeon fish lives in the rivers, beaches and wetlands of the juncture of rivers and the sea, like Wushan region of Doumen Zone. Meat of the fish tastes fresh and smooth, and with one hundred percent seafood style, it is a noble breed compared with other species.

Bi Bo Qun Niao (cooked out of Duixia, one of the four famous cuisine ingredients of Zhuhai)

Description: Specialty of Junyuelai Hotel. Use the famous Duixia Prawn as the main raw material. Artistic appearance, delicious, Bi Bo Qun Niao will give you unforgettable cuisine experience.

Address: No. 45, South Haibin Road, Jida.

Mi Zhi Zhong Ke (cooked out of Zhongke Crab, a special local crab of Zhuhai)

Description: Specialty of Yili Hotel. What makes this dish special is its unique soy sauce, which can perfectly permeate the crabs.

Address: No. 1069, Xidi Road, Jingan Town, Doumen Zone (west to the Jianfeng Bridge).

Hua Diao Shuang Xie (cooked out of Zhongke Crab)           

Description: Specialty of Haiwan Hotel. Goose liver cooked with Zhuhai Zhongke Crabs.

Address: No. 245, Shuiwan Road, Gongbei.

Cai Die Pan Long (cooked out of abalone)

Description: Specialty of East Fishery Harbour, Zhonghan Hotel.

Jin Man Xi Shan (cooked out of eel)

Description: Specialty of East China Sea Fishing Village Catering Company.

Address: First floor of Yincheng Building, Jida.

No. 1 Oyster of Zhuhai (highly recommended)

Description: Specialty of Shishen (god of cuisine) Restaurant.

Address: No. 108, Center Gaosha Road, Gongbei.