Recommended Restaurants of Zhuhai

Jinyuexuan Restaurant

It is a reputable restaurant mainly providing Yue Cuisine. Nice food, considerate cook, perfect waiter service, you are in your own castle when visiting here.

Address: No. 265, South Lovers’ Road, Gongbei.

Habsburg Drill

The No. 1 western-style restaurant of Zhuhai, graceful environment, gentle light and tasty western food, you will definitely enjoy an amazing western-style dinner in China.

Address: Second Floor of Haitian Plaza, No. 228, Jingshan Road, Xiangzhou District.

Wumi Congee Restaurant

Seafood Congee and Steamed Vermicelli Roll here are the best of Zhuhai.

Address: No. 455, South Lovers Road, Xiangzhou District.

Yuejixuan Restaurant

Another Yue Cuisine restaurant. Well-known for its comfortable environment and various light refreshments.

Address: Second Floor of Longyuanhaiwan Garden, No. 305, South Lovers Road, Xiangzhou District.

Laochuanfang Restaurant

Really nice Chuan Cuisine of Sichuan Province that you can taste in Guangdong Province (Yue Cuisine Area), even the Chuan people highly recommend it. Popular dishes like Steamed Fish, Nationwide No. 1 Steak and potatoes will leave you wonderful memory if you can accept spicy food.

Address: No. 2039, Yingbinnan Road.