Zhenjiang in brief



Zhenjiang was called Runzhou in ancient time. It is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, quite close to the sea. It is a very important city in China’s Yangtze River Delta area with very developed economy. Yangtze River meets the grand canal here, so Zhenjiang has a very convenient transport, which makes Zhenjiang known as the “No. 1 Land of the Country”. Zhenjiang is also a great place filled with nice food and amazing sightseeings. It has the Jinshan Mountain Temple, Xijin Ferry, Jiaoshan Mountain, Maoshan Mountain, Nanshan Mountain and all the other beautiful historic relics.

History - As one of the original place of the famous Wu Culture in China’s southern area, Zhenjiang has a history of over 3000 years with profound cultural atmosphere. Zhengjiang is also a place where many great literature works produced - visitors can feel the quality of the great litterateurs and poets once they come to Zhenjiang. 

Climatic Characters: Zhenjiang has a warm climate with appropriate amount rainfalls of the year.

Best time to visit Zhenjiang: Spring or autumn is the time Zhenjiang offers the most comfortable weather and most delicious food and drinks. Besides, during these two seasons, Zhenjiang has the most interesting activities and festivals.

Travel - Between mountains and rivers, Zhenjiang provides its unique attractions for the visitors coming from all around the world every year. 

The Three Mountains Scenic Area, including Jinshan Mountain, Beigushan Mountain, Jiao Hill, offers its essential natural sightseeings. Each of the three mountains is China’s national AAAAA Level attraction. 

Maoshan Mountain: Located about 40 kilometers away from Zhenjiang, this verdant hill is long worshiped with China’s Taoism. It mainly consists of three peaks and each one offers magnificent natural sceneries. 

Zhenjiang Museum: Built in the style of east India, this young museum has very important history, science and art value with numerous treasurable collections.