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Zhenjiang Transportation

Zhenjiang Transportation
Zhenjiang has no air port, so you need to take a flight to Nanjing or Changzhou and then take the shuttle bus of the air port to Zhenjiang. The best way is railway. You can choose to take buses to visit Zhenjiang if you are just in a place not close to Zhenjiang.
1. If you go to Nanjing or Changzhou first and then go to Zhenjiang: 
Lukou International Air Port - Zhenjiang: it takes about RMB60 by coach bus.
Changzhou Air Port - Zhenjiang: there are free coach buses to Zhenjiang. 
2. If you go to Zhenjiang by train:
Zhenjiang City has three train stations: Zhenjiang Train Station, South Zhenjiang Train Station and East Zhenjiang Train Station. You’d better choose the Zhenjiang Train Station because many high speed trains stop here.
3. If you go to Zhenjiang by bus:
Zhenjiang has two bus stations, one of which is South Zhenjiang Bus Station, another is Coach Center Station. Coach Center Station has more buses than Zhenjiang Bus Station.