Zhenjiang Cuisine

Zhenjiang is also famous for its nice food. It never stops developing its travel-cuisine culture. It keeps the local specialty and adds in some unique food of other places. Zhenjiang cuisine has the famous “three fishes, there odds” - three fishes are the three freshes of Yangtze River, namely hilsa herrings, long-tailed anchovy and channel catfish; three odds are the Salted Pork, spiced vinegar and Pot Noodles. 
The local people always go to Yanchun Restaurant if they want to eat the famous Xie Huang Tang Bao (steamed stuffed bun with the ovary and digestive glands of a crab) and the salted pork; but the pot noodles of the three odds can be found everywhere in the city; the well known Jiangxian Street beside the Jinshan Mountain is the best place to enjoy the three fishes.
Zhenjiang is not a large city and you can find nice food in every corner. The most famous food district is the Da Shi Kou night fair located in the downtown, where Zhenjiang offers all kinds of special fold snacks, high-end restaurants and busy food court. It is a great place for eating, shopping and party.
Some famous dishes of Zhenjiang:
Dongxiang Mutton - Walking in the street of Zhenjiang, tourists can very frequently get the smell of this dish. Especially during winter time when it is cold, people tend to get together and have mutton meals. 
Pot Noodles - Everybody in Zhenjiang knows pot noodle. It is cooked in a special but not difficulty way - cooked with the pot!