Yichang Cuisine

Yichang cuisine tends to be authentic, salt, fresh, and spicy. There are many local special dishes, ranging from Basha Fat Fish (longnose catfish) to ethnic snacks.

---Old Nine Bowls Feast (老九碗宴)
The Old Nine Bowls Feast is composed of nine dishes served on big bowls. You will be able to get a taste of spring rolls, fish balls, squid, bamboo shoots, lotus seeds, mushrooms, chicken, pearl-like ball and so forth.

---Basha Fat Fish (白刹肥鱼)
Baisha Fat Fish is a traditional dish of Yichang. The fish comes out of the section of Yangtze River from Huya Beach to Nanjinguan port. This kind of fish has fat meat and little fishbones. Steamed with fat meat, the nutrition and freshness of the fish is kept and the texture is much more tender. The flavor is light and authentic.

---Three Gorges Pearl Soup (三峡明珠汤)
This dish is one of three famous dishes of Hubei Province. The cooking was inspired by the scenery at the mouth of Xiling Gorge. Eggs are steamed into mountain-shape with three-colored fish ball as ornament, absolutely addictive.

---Sanyou Deity Chicken (三游神仙鸡)
It is also a traditional Yichang dish. Fat chicken is entirely flavored with various seasonings and boiled with spice and crystal sugar. The chicken looks brilliantly with crisp skin and tender meat. A local story says that the dish’s name is related to three poets of Song dynasty, Su Xun, Su Shi, and Suzhe. They travel to Three Gorges and so attracted by the amazing scenery that they could not wait humming verse. Locals name the dish as “Sanyou Deity Chicken” to enhance the fame of it.

---Hongshan Flowering Chinese Cabbage (洪山菜薹)
Hongshan Flowering Chinese Cabbage is native to Hongshan District of Wuhan. Chinese National Geographic Organization listed it as a protected product. With nutritious stalks and tender leaves, it can be cooked into a fairly delicious dish. It has been a famous vegetable since Tang Dynasty and selected as a local specialty for officials peyong tribute to emperors. It enjoys equal reputation with Wuchang fish and is hailed as an imperial dish. 

---Cool Shrimp (凉虾)
The cool shrimp is actually not real shrimp. It is a popular beverage in Yichang. Cool Shrimp is made of prepared rice and corns plus brown sugar water.

---Dumpling Stuffed with Radish (萝卜饺子)
It is a popular local snack. It is absolutely yummy, though, it is only available in winter.