Yangzhou in brief

Yangzhou is a city with a long history of 2490 years located in the central area of Jiangsu Province. By virtue of its advantaged location by the down stream of the Yangtze River, at the joint point of the Shanghai economic circle and the Nanjing metropolitan circle, Yangzhou has been developed as one of the important portal of Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou was also dubbed many domestic and international awards such as "model city for environmental protection" and "Habitat Scroll of Honour Awards".

Yangzhou city view

In 1998, Yangzhou won the honorable title of "Best Tourist Cities of China" together with some other cities. Not only is Hangzhou a city of great antiquity but also it is known for its beautiful natural and civilization sights such as the Slender West Lake, Ge Garden, Suzhou Canal (China's  oldest canal), the imperial tombs of the Han and Sui dynasties, sites of ancient cities, private gardens of the Ming and Qing dynasties.