Xi'an Weather

Located in the middle of Guanzhong Basin of the Yellow River Valley, against Qinling Mountains in the south and faces Weihe River in the north, Xi’an falls within warm temperate semihumid continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, moderate rainfall and an annual average temperature of 13 Celsius degree. Spring is warm, dry and windiness, summer is burning hot and rainy, sometimes even with thunderstorms and gales, autumn is cool with more rains and winter is frigid, dry, foggy but with few rains and snows. During peak tourism season from April to October, the average total precipitation is 488.6mm, the average total rainy days are 66, and the prevailing wind direction is northeasterly.

In general, spring and autumn are the best time for travelling in Xi’an, in particular during the seasonal alteration periods between spring and summer, summer and autumn, that is, April, May, September and October. At this time, the temperature is just moderate, the sun is shining brightly and the scenery is more beautiful as Xi’an is a city to see outdoor historical sites. What is more, it is also the time for blooming mountain flowers or tinged forest if to visit some natural beauties like Li Mountain and Cuihua Mountain. It is worth noting that Xi’an has a large temperature difference between day and night in autumn and if travel there in winter, it is necessary to complement defined amount of water as winter is extremely dry.