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Expo Site

Taking into account such factors as proper walking distance and perception of visitors, the master plan of Expo Shanghai puts forward a five-level structure of park, enclosed area, zones, groups and clusters.

Zone A is located between the Expo Boulevard to the west and the Bailianjing rivulet to the east in the Pudong Section. Zone A will host China Pavilion and national pavilions for Asian countries except Southeast Asian ones.

Zone B covers an area between Zone A to the east and Lupu Bridge to the west, hosting national pavilions of Southeast Asian and Oceanian countries, Pavilions for International Organizations, Theme Pavilions, Expo Centre and Performance Centre.

Zone C is located in Houtan to the west of Lupu Bridge in the Pudong Section. It will host European, American and African national pavilion clusters. A large public amusement park of about 10 hectares will be built at the entrance.

Zone D is located to the west of the Expo Boulevard in the Puxi Section. The land is one of the original places of modern Chinese national industry and the site of the Jiangnan Shipyard. Some of the old industrial buildings will be kept and renovated into corporate pavilions. The docklands and slipway to the east of the corporate pavilions will be reserved and made into space for outdoor public exhibition and cultural exchange.

Zone E located to the east of the Expo Boulevard in the Puxi Section, will host stand-alone corporate pavilions, Urban Civilization Pavilion, Urban Exploration Pavilion and the Urban Best Practices Area.

There will also be a lot of Permanent Buildings, meaning buildings which will still exist after the end of the expo. Among them is the China Pavilion consisting of the 47,000-square-meter Chinese national pavilion, the 38,000–square-meter Regional joint pavilion and the 3,300-square-meter pavilion of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Then there are the Theme Pavilions which are located in Zone B of the enclosed area of the Expo Site and to the west of Expo Boulevard. The Theme Pavilions will be built into a "green, energy-saving, environment-friendly" building. Also the Expo Boulevard, the World Expo Centre and the Expo Performance Centre will persist.

Facts and Figures

Theme: Better City, Better Life
Duration: May 1–October 31, 2010
Expected Participants: 200
Total Expected Visitors: 70 million
Expected international visitors: 3.5 million
Size of the EXPO site: 3.28 km²(5.28 km² including the river area)

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