It is a real oil painting created by nature.Visit Kanas, the beautiful and legendary fairyland and have an encounter with the long lost touching emotion . You can seize the fascinating beauty here and not moving any where.
The Mongolian "Kanas" means "the lake in the valley". Covering an area of 45.73 square kilometers with 188.5 meter-deepest point, Kanas Lake is surrounded by the Altai Mountains forest zones. Kanas district is a national reserve with a total protection area of 5588 square kilometers and altitude among 1300-4374 meters. Friendship Peak (4370 meters), the highest peak of Altai Mountains is standing on the joint border of China, Russia and Mongolia.

Feature of the Itinerary

1. The legendary Kanas wonderland near your fingertips.
2. Taste the beautiful nature and keep the everlasting moment.
3. Experience the outdoor life and the primitive vast forest.
4. Enjoy the local delicacy and folk culture of Xinjiang.
5. Gain harvest during the journey
    (nice pictures can be published on travel magazines once chosen)

  • Itinerary  (9 days)
  • Total Price  (CNY4583=USD674/person)


Services Provided



Day 1

By air

Be met in the airport and transferred to the hotel.

Three-star hotel
of Urumqi


Day 2

By bus

Drive to Burqin after breakfast and visit Kalamaili Ungulate Wildlife Reserve, Huoshao Mountain and the Gurbantonggut Desert in the center of Junggar Basin (the second largest desert of China and the largest fixation and half-fixation desert covering 4.88 square kilometers) on the way.               

Three-star hotel
of Burqin


Tips: the bus ride takes about 12 hours on this day so please have a good rest in the first day. You should take enough water on the way because the climate of Xinjiang is relatively dry.

Day 3

By bus

Drive to Hemu in the morning and visit Hemu. Hemu attraction was praised as one of the six most beautiful ancient village of China and the "private plot in the backyard garden of the god".

Hotel of Hemu


Tips: the bus ride takes about 4.5 hours on this day; please take care of yourself when shooting; there is big temperature difference between its day and night, so please take thick clothes with you.

Day 4


Shoot the morning sceneries of Hemu: white birches, pine trees, fogs, villages of Towa people, wooden residences; Hemu in the afternoon is more impressing.  

Hotel of Hemu


Tips: full-day photo-shooting. Please wear thick in the cold morning.

Day 5

Hemu/Black Lake Riding

Ride to the Black Lake after breakfast and visit the beautiful alpine flowers, lakes, grasslands and snow mountains there.



Tips: take care of yourself when riding; no running to avoid accidence; please cover yourself well with quilt
at night.  

Day 6

Black Lake/ Kanas Riding

Shoot the beautiful sceneries of the Black Lake in the morning. The Black Lake is also named 1000 Lakes with big and small lakes in good order. Visit the deer farms and overlook Kanas. Then ride to the famous Kanas Scenic Spot to visit the Moon Bay, Fairy Bay and Dragon Bay. To the north of Kanas, there is the snowy Kuytun Mountain and towering Friendship Mountain.



Tips: full day riding, please be careful.

Day 7

By bus

Visit the Fishing Pavilion and listen to the tales of the lake monsters. The Fishing Pavilion is also called Cloud Pavilion or Rain Pavilion because the sky seems quite close here. The snowy Friendship Mountain, located in the joint border of China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan, is towering in the northeast. Among the mountains, there is blue lake waters melt from the snowcap. The color of the lake changes with the changing clouds, just like phantasmagoria. When it rains, the whole lake was covered in a mist-a separate world. After visiting Tuwa Village, drive to  Burqin and shoot the sunset at the gorgeous Multicolored Beach.                

Tree-star Hotel
of Burqin


Tips: the bus ride on this day takes about 3.5 hours; please respect the local customs of Tuwa People when visiting the village of Tuwa Ethnic Group.

Day 8

By bus

Drive to Urumqi after breakfast in the morning and visit the 10 square-kilometer Demon City. More than 10 million years ago,Demon City was a huge freshwater lake and the paradise of aquatic animals: thick plants grow by the lakeside and primitive animals including Wuerhe stegosaurus, plesiosaur and dinosaur lived there. Then the land was formed after two times of huge crustal movements.                                

Tree-star Hotel
of Urumqi


Tips: the bus ride this day takes about 12 hours; do not climb the Demon City and pay attention to safety.

Day 9

By air

Be transferred to the airport after breakfast and return home.


CNY4583=USD674/person(round trip air ticket to and from Urumqi is excluded)

Price Included:
1. Transfers: air-conditioned bus and the cost to rent horses.
2. Hotels: three-star hotels within the city and tents.
3. Meals: All meals specified in the itinerary. And the price differences between different locations are included.
4. Entrance fees (Kanas, Kanas local train, Hemu, Hemu local train, Fishing Pavilion, Multicolored Beach, Demon City).
5. Guide services.
6. GPS satellite positioning system, maritime satellite phone, interphone, generator, tent and common used drugs.

★ Priced Excluded:
1.Optional activities, sightseeing (drifting, pleasure-boat, visit to the Tuwa family, etc).
2.Singing and dancing performances of Xinjiang nationalities.
3.Roast lamb.
4.Entry or exit China International airfare or train tickets.

★ Standards:
1. Travel service liability insurance.
2. Give away fruit plate and welcome card when staying in Urumqi for the first evening.
3. Present everybody with a Xinjiang ethnic gift.

★ Remarks:
1. Please prepare enough clothes since the climate of Xinjiang is quite changeable.
2. Please inform our company if you had any taboo.
3. The tourists are responsible for the expense occurs because of irresistible factors. 
4. Our company has the right to adjust the prices according to the price adjustment of the government.
5. If any other expense occurs, we will discuss it separately.