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Brief Introduction of Guilin

As a world-famous tourist city, Guilin is renowned for its beautiful wash painting. It possesses typical Karst landform and diversified mountains. There are countless limestone mountains in this several-hundred-square-kilometers land. Guilin has been a famous tourist city enjoying 2000 years history since Emperor Qin Shihuang period.

Tourist Information of Guilin

Start from Guilin! We've made exclusive interview with the foreigners in China.
Guilin is a highly recommended place to show the life of foreigners in China.

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Interviewee No.1: Guoji Zhenmei

Miss Guoji came to Guilin in August 2009 and is working in Guilin now. She is so interested in wash paintings of Guilin that she decided to come here at last.

What is your first impression of Guilin?

I came to Guilin in August when I felt surprised that Guilin was so hot. I started to work after a month in a college as a Japanese teacher. My students and I were good friends and we often visited the suburbs of Guilin together in our spare time. I thought the famous Lijiang River is beautiful. My Chinese friend bought me a delicious milk tea in summer. I liked it.

What kind of food do you like (best) here?

Guilin Noodle of course and I think I am addicted to it now. Having Guilin Noodle with soup in cold winter can help me get warm. And it tastes wonderful. I often eat Guilin Noodle in the Guilin Noodle Store near my house.

What is (are) your favorite place(s) in Guilin?

There is a bakery near my house. The bread, cake and coffee there all taste great. The packing of them is beautiful and there is space to drink coffee in the store. You can have the rare black coffee there, which only costs five yuan each. This is a famous bakery in the downtown of Guilin, called "Jinshouzhi Store".

Where do you want to visit in China?

Guanyan Cave of Gilin and Beijing.

Please say something to those who may visit Guilin.

Guilin is cold in winter so please wear thick clothes and you must have a taste of the Guilin Noodle once coming here.