China Great Wall Hiking

The Great Wall of China, long regarded as the symbolic architecture of china, is the largest construction on earth and the subject of most mythologies. Stretching for over 5000 kilometers through mountains, rivers, valleys and desert in North China, it witnessed China's many vicissitudes. No visit to China would be complete for you without reaching the Great Wall.

Badaling is the most popular section as it is close to Beijing, however it is becoming dramatically busy in the past years due to popularity of Chinese domestic travelers. More travelers are looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience instead of tourist hordes. Hiking and trekking on less-visited sections of the Great Wall is now possible.

Why hike the Great Wall of China with us?

  • Hiking the great wall of China Hike on wild, original and less-visited sections of the Great Wall.
  • Tour guide of Great wall Hiking Expert English-speaking hiking guide spending 200 days a year on the Wall.
  • local restaurant of Great wall hiking tours Eat at local restaurant.
  • China great wall hike Stay at local farmer's guesthouse experiencing intimate interaction with local community.
  • see the Sunrise/sunset on the Great Wall of China Sunrise/sunset on the Wall if the weather permits.
  • Non-shopping tours Non-shopping experience.