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Spring Festival Tours 2011

If you are planning a tour to China in Jan.-Feb. 2011, you will have chance to experience the special Spring Festival

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Spring Festival in Hong Kong

Chinese Lunar New Year is a traditional ceremonious festival to Chineses. In Hong Kong and the Mainland alike, every household would stock up on special purchases and pastes up Spring Festival couplets and New Year paintings to welcome the Lunar New Year. No Spring Festival celebration would be perfect without family reunions, visiting friends and family, and giving Ya Sui Qian (red envelopes containing cash) to children. While in Hong Kong, the custom and celebrations of the Spring Festival are slightly different from the Mainland China.

legend of the spring festival

New Year Couplets

In recent years, few Hong Kong families would paste traditional New Year Couplets and New Year Paintings. Instead, they usually past some simple Fai Chun practices (a simple form of couplets) meaning “wish thriving business” or “safe trip wherever you go”. But as auspicious celebration, they do perform the some role, expressing people’s wish that everything would go well next year.

Dragon and Lions Dances

Besides in Hong Kong, Dragon and lion dances can be seen in some villages of the New Territories. Victoria Harbor will witness annual grand firework display on the night of the second day of the lunar New Year for welcoming the Spring Festival. You can appreciate the magnificent fireworks display here in Hong Kong.

Flower Fairs in Hong Kong

Renowned as Food Paradise, Hong Kong also has various delicates during the New Year. Many food streets are open to serve various special foods during the festival. And most Hong Kong families get together to have the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve, after which it is customary for most of the families to visit the flower fair. Traditionally, wandering the flower market is a good activity after the dinner. Lunar New Year Fairs are held in many places of Hong Kong during the spring festival; and the flower fair in Vitoria Park is the largest and most popular. Thousands of people would go out to wait for the New Year’s coming together.

Lishi Money Begging

To the children, they find great delight in begging for lishi money (money put in a red envelope) from the adult. Lishi is an auspicious word in Cantonese symbolizing luck and propitiousness, deeply loved by Chineses.

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